Scentient Society 

Based between Stockholm and Berlin, Scentient Society is an olfactive driven artist collective working with smell as a medium, utilizing science and nature to create profound and memorable experiences. The collective composed by photographer Aleksandra Pawlowska, young perfumist Mark Kässabian and artist Chaveli Sifre has created Olfactory Experiences for exhibitions such as “Natural Scentscapes: An Olfactory Exploration in the footsteps of Alexander von Humboldt”  which took place during “Natur nach Humbolt”  in the Botanical Gardens in Berlin.

Other exhibitions include, “Welt Bilder” in der Salon Sophie Charlotte. for which the collective prepared a collection of olfactory sculptures in dialogue with the worldviews proposed by the scientists of the Junge Academie in Berlin. The result was a multisensory experience that examines current and future views of the world, from contemporary Iran to the abstract nature of Mathematics vs its very tangible implications, the smell of data, hell, and many more.

Ongoing Exhibitions include a commissioned piece for Ikea‘s first “Home of Tomorrow” in the world in the northern Polish city of Szczecin, aiming to inspire people to adopt sustainable alternatives for everyday living. Designed by a Polish team, the home was created ahead of the opening of the Swedish furniture giant’s first branch in the city, scheduled for early 2021.

© Chaveli Sifre