Chaveli Sifre’s practice merges installations, scents, objects, paintings, interventions, and performative rituals enacted by people from her close personal life. By focusing on the senses as a way of breaking free from logic-driven oppression, Sifre challenges western-stemming epistemology, inviting other stories and people to take center stage.

Care, soft power, and ancestral Caribbean wisdom are used as starting points to offer a critical reflection on inherited colonial hierarchies through syncretic depictions that revert that which is considered holy, worthy, or significant. This multi-sensorial approach to art-making aims to highlight that emotions and knowledge are not mutually exclusive, while understanding their correlation as an active part of a decolonizing practice.

Through her scent-based works, Sifre brings smells of the Caribbean into the exhibition arena. Smells rising directly from folk medicine are a key element of her practice which explores access to health and its symbiotic relationship with religion in puertorican history.

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