Aerosol  and Archivo del Olor 

Installed in the Museum of Contemporary Art in San Juan, Puerto Rico, Aerosol is an olfactory installation that is almost imperceptible as it generates a fine mist of scent that perfumes and refreshes the museum space. The piece takes as its starting point the concepts of ablution - an action present in various religions that involves washing parts of the body as preparation for facing a spiritual act, marking a moment, or inviting the home - and libation - a ritual of pouring water or some liquid as a spiritual representation in which an exchange is made that connects the living and spiritual realms. The scent is composed of juniper berries, coriander seeds, and angelica. This blend is a reference to purification rituals that are part of the sensory heritage of the Caribbean. The composition is nourished by different elements, such as witch hazel, bay rum (a fragrant alcohol), and gin.

Along side the installation, La Escuela del Olor presented Archivo del Olor, or Olfactory Archive of Puerto Rico, an ongoing investigation that implies the creation of an invisible portrait of the island, focusing on the intangible heritage of smell. 

© Chaveli Sifre