La Escuela del Olor 

La Escuela del Olor is an artistic collective undertaking the ambitious task of collecting, processing, and creating the first Olfactory Archive of Puerto Rico. La Escuela is born out of a desire to study smell as it is experienced in the humidity and heat of the Caribbean. It is an ongoing project consisting of smell harvesting through the distillation of raw materials found around the island, from the sargassum in Yabucoa to the Oranges in Lares, the collective aims to create an entirely Puerto Rican Olfactory Archive, an olfactory portrait of the island. Its ongoing program includes workshops in the form of collective distillations to democratize scent creation knowledge as well as excursions and exhibitions.

La Escuela del Olor was cocreated by Anaïs Melero, Adelaida Ortíz Chiqués and Chaveli Sifre.

The Archive is possible thanks to the support of Beta-Local in Puerto Rico

Upcoming Presentations include
Aerosol s at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Puerto Rico

© Chaveli Sifre