Peripheral Intuitions 

Cocurated by activist Jorge Vega and artist Chaveli Sifre ‘Peripheral Intuitions’ blends artistic interventions, immersive spaces, and education guided by the senses as a way to break from logic-driven oppression while championing cultures in flux and marginalized subjectivities as agents for collective change.

Peripheral Intuitions reimagines a worldview guided by the peripheries. The curatorial frame believes the boundaries between art institutions, research organizations, nightlife & festivals, political spaces, and therapeutic establishments are counter productive, as they don’t recognise the role of alternative spaces in communal healing and political mobilisation. Peripheral Intuitions seeks a new balance, free from the boundaries separating parties, arts, and politics; wanting to celebrate alternative visions of the future dreamt up by those marginalised due to their gendered, racial, or sexual identities.

© Chaveli Sifre