DULA is a Berlin art and wellness collective born out of a mutual interest and understanding that care and sense-based knowledge can serve as revolutionary tools to transform ourselves and the world around us.

Drawing from collective diasporic wisdom, we position ourselves as specialists of resilience, survivors who have risen from the colonial beast and can now transmute this knowledge. We are confident that soft forms of power and collective solutions will ultimately help us all to heal.

It’s members include Ash Baccus-Clark, African-American futurist, speculative neuroscientist, writer; Alexis Convento, Pilipinx-American cultural producer, taste artist; Ludi Leiva, Guatemalan-Slovak-Canadian multidisciplinary designer, illustrator, writer and Chaveli Sifre.

DULA’s first exhibition, Tastes like Home, took place this last 7th of July at the Institute of Endotic Research in Berlin. 

Nourishment and connection; a new flavor; a different world; an old memory; an ancestral homeland. Food has always been a bastion of resistance, another form of oral history that connects us to our traditions, ancestors, and embodiment, through textures and flavors. For DULA’s first installation, we shared a taste of our stories and our motherlands. An invitation to mindfully address displaced resources and bodies as we ingest history in the form of sweets. Can the act of consuming knowledge through taste prompt us to readdress our place in society, by a broadening of our capacity to empathize, to finally form thoughtful solidarity with one another?

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© Chaveli Sifre