Dula is a Berlin art and wellness collective born out of a mutual interest and understanding that care and sense-based knowledge can serve as revolutionary tools to transform ourselves and the world around us.

As migrant artists who bear the colonial scars of our foremothers and are actively working to survive capitalism, DULA allows us to co-exist and co-create as kin. Drawing from collective diasporic wisdom, we position ourselves as specialists of resilience, survivors who have risen from the colonial beast and can now transmute this knowledge. We are confident that soft forms of power and collective solutions will ultimately help us all to heal.

It’s members include Ash Baccus-Clark, African-American futurist, speculative neuroscientist, writer; Alexis Convento, Pilipinx-American cultural producer, taste artist; Ludi Leiva, Guatemalan-Slovak-Canadian multidisciplinary designer, illustrator, writer and Chaveli Sifre.

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