Artist and curator Chaveli Sifre was born in Germany, to Puerto Rican parents. She has a Bachelor in Image and Movement from the School of Fine Arts of Puerto Rico and a Masters in Museum Studies from the HTW University of Applied Sciences in Berlin. Sifre has participated in a variety of exhibitions including “Welt ohne Außen” in Gropius Bau and “Perspektive Wechseln” in Hamburger Bahnhof.

Sifre co-curated Peripheral Intuitions, a two-week-long program focused on the regenerative power of nightlife propelled by people from the peripheries, she co-founded Scent Club Berlin, a community focusing on scent and olfaction as a medium, and La Escuela del Olor, an artistic collective undertaking the ambitious task of processing, collecting and creating the first olfactory archive of the Caribbean.

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